This blog is an attempt at a travel diary.  In other words, this blog is really meant for me, but if you stumbled across it and enjoyed it, so much the better.

My 2017 trip to Europe was my first real vacation.  (When you first get married, you have no money.  Then, when you have children, all your vacation time is spent visiting family.  Now that the children are older, it’s time to take time for myself as long as I am able.)  Hopefully I’ll be able to document all of my vacations in this blog.

When I’m not traveling, I’m a government bureaucrat.  Once I retire, I hope to travel more, and to spend more time away from home.  (In an ideal world, a nomadic lifestyle would be ideal.  Convincing my wife may be difficult.)

How to read a blog:  Blogs are displayed in reverse chronological order.  What this means is that if you start at the top of the blog, you’ll get the most recent post, and then go back in time.  If you’d rather read in chronological order, you have a couple options.  First, go to the oldest entry and then click Next at the bottom of the post.  The other option is to select the trip you’re interested in on the left side of the page.  Hopefully this will make following my trips easier.

Where I’ve been: