VR Pictures

This site uses VR pictures.

A VR picture is taken with a special purpose camera.  There are a bunch of such cameras out there.  The one I use is a Samsung Gear 360, which you can buy for under $100 from Amazon.com.  Basically it’s a point and shoot camera.


Don’t copy the pictures using the USB cable attached to the camera.  If you do, you’ll end up with two strange circles, the view from the two fisheye lenses.

Instead, save the pictures on your cell phone using the Gear 360 app.

Once it’s on your cell phone, the picture can be pasted as new media using the WordPress app.  But you’re not done yet.  If you just leave it as media, this is what you’ll see.


This is also interesting, but probably not what you’re looking for.  The reason is that a VR picture is a normal JPG that needs to be processed specially by your software.  So, let’s see what you need to change.  Go to the HTML tab of your blog post.  The code will look something like this:

Picture inserted into WP

All this points to the picture, and how it’s going to be displayed. Most of this information isn’t all that useful. Instead, you want to replace most of this with the following:

VR inserted

And the end result will be the following.

There’s more you can do with VR. However, this is a start, and the cost of the camera isn’t prohibitive. So take those pictures of spaces and share them. Not all pictures need to be VR, but some of them will add some spice to your blog.