On the Road

Or actually, in the air…

The Rhine River cruise starts off with traveling to Amsterdam from Orlando.  All in all, a relatively uneventful but long day.

After Wednesday evening’s City Commission meeting, I went home to sleep. I wouldn’t be returning to work for almost two weeks, so it was a bit worrisome driving home. What’s going to happen while I’m away?

In the morning Katie was going to drive us to Orlando Airport. However, she wanted to leave early so that we could have one last meal as a family since she’s planning on heading to Connecticut before we return.

After a meal at Dennie’s – had one of their skillets and enjoyed it – we went off to the airport. There was a minor problem checking in, but I got a human being to print my luggage tag. After that, off to the United Airbus 320.

Many of the following pictures are VR.  Click on the play button to drag your viewpoint around.

A quick flight of about three hours later, and we land in Chicago.  We had a four hour layover in Chicago, so we decided to see what an airline club is like. Went to the United Club, and found it more relaxing than sitting at a gate. Additionally there was free booze (not top shelf) and food, as well as places to recharge electronics.

Then we got in a Boeing 767 wide body for the flight to Amsterdam. The seat back screen was tiny. There were no on demand moves. The audio program was dead. But dinner was edible.

I managed to get some sleep, but not as much as I’d like.

Landed in Amsterdam a little after nine. Once they found us a gate, it was an easy traversal of immigration and customs. The longest wait was for the checked baggage. Viking found us, but they only run buses hourly. We hung out at the airport for about forty minutes until the bus returned.

Then it was off to the ship. Our room weren’t ready, so we went for the lunch buffet on the open deck. That’s where they found us when the room was ready.

I unpacked my bags. Lisa decided to catch up on her sleep, while I took a walking tour of Amsterdam.

After dinner, we left Amsterdam and started up the river to Basal.


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