Upgraded French Level Two

No, I haven’t gotten to French Level Two yet. Pimsleur really wants you to only take one lesson a day, and then to progress only if you’re doing better than 80% correct responses. The earliest I’d be looking at Level Two is around Thanksgiving.

However, I was poking around the Pimsleur FB page, and started reading some of the other comments and their responses. The official posts from Pimsleur are all propaganda about why you should learn a language, usually including the free language link. What they didn’t mention, and I went back to the beginning of the year, was that they had upgraded their French course. Nor anything about any expansions to any of their other courses.

However, a lot of the comments users made were about their future plans, asking for additional levels, etc.

So I sent them a comment. The first thing I said was that they really should make a post when they release a new level, or upgrade an existing course. I also asked in passing if they had upgraded the entire French course, or just Level One.

They responded that announcing new and upgraded product was a great idea. It would seem to me that one potential purchaser is a person who’s already learned the language, but wants to update their vocabulary. Why not make those extra sales.

They also said that the upgraded French Level Two should be coming out in February. That’s a little far off in the future for me. I would hopefully have reached Level Three or even perhaps Level Four by then. But the updates to the language are significant from what little I can tell of Level One.

I asked, and they said that recent purchasers of Level Two will get a discount if they buy the updated version. So it’ll probably be worth it. It’ll delay my completing the full Pimsleur course, but only by a month. I can probably survive.

By the way, they also mentioned that Spanish Level One is also getting an upgrade. Since Spanish is on my list when I’m done with French, this is good to know.

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