The week in review – 10 Nov 2018

Last weekend I had an accident. Molly, our dog, decided to run at the beginning of her evening walk and dragged me full speed into the door frame and down the porch steps, where I ended up lying in the front yard. My head was bleeding a lot, and when I saw it in the mirror I went to the hospital.

Five hours and twelve stiches later I went back home with a lot of swelling. This distracted me so I lost some focus, and had issues completing the daily thirty minute Pimsleur lessons.

However, I did make it through lesson nine. I also continued working through Duolingo.

We traveled to Oklahoma City, where we met my mother. The occasion was Christina’s last senior recital. While relaxing on Saturday, I discussed a bit of my language learning with my mother. She also wants to maintain her French. She seemed excited about the Show News in French program, both for her and for my nephew, Jake. While I’m not ready for it, perhaps they are.

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