Let’s try a little Korean, too

We still haven’t figured out what we’re doing this summer. But one possibility involves spending a couple of weeks in South Korea.

I spent a week in Seoul while working on my Masters in Public Administration. I enjoyed my time, but it was a structured trip, mostly examining aspects of the city government. (In short, the government is very impressive.)

But Lisa hasn’t been to Korea at all, and I definitely would like to see more. So if the opportunity works out, we’re definitely going to go.

I don’t know any Korean. I don’t want to invest too much time on a low probability occurrence, but I thought I should at take a small swing at learning the language.

So in addition to the 70xp of French I’m don’t each day on Duolingo, I’m also going to do a little Korean, too. How much? For the time being, just some baby steps. 10xp per day.

At least Korean and French are different enough that they shouldn’t interfere with each other. And I’m not going to let the Korean interfere with my French unless the summer firms up.

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