We started our visit to Cologne with an excursion downtown. As with many such excursions, we had to visit the local cathedral.

To pan around the VR pictures, click on the play button.

After the planned excursion, I walked back into town on my own.

I walked into an anti- Turkey protest, in which they were protesting what the Turkish government had been doing to academics in Turkey.  I had a nice conversation with a young Turkish woman who was studying English literature about the issue.


Finally I wandered through a street fair on the banks of the Rhine River.

This was also a family trip.  I saw a boat named after my daughter.


And another one named after my wife’s family.

That evening, I convinced my wife to go out for dinner at a beer house, followed by visits to several other beer houses. My wife, the confirmed Merlot drinking, even found the beer in Cologne to be palatable.

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