Koblenz & Rüdesheim

This morning’s excursion was to Marksburg Castle. I didn’t take notes, but here are some VR pictures. (As usual, click play to pan around the pictures.)

After the excursion, one of the assistant cooks put on a demonstration of local coffee making. One thing I noticed about Viking was that they were testing some of their staff to see if they were ready for increased responsibilities. Obviously the company is in a growth mode, and internal recruitment is always better than external.


Then we continued our cruise down the Rhine for a little farther. Here is a time lapse VR video of some of that cruise, from one of the common areas.

Afterwards, we went on another excursion. In an old monastery (closed by Napoleon, I think), there was a wine tasting. First, we toured the monastery.

At the end, in the vast dark room that the monks stored the wine in, a wine tasting.

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