Heidelberg & Speyer

All these pictures are VR.  Just click on play to move the picture.

First, a very rainy day in Heidelberg.

Second, many views of the Viking Eir.  Our stateroom, which had a veranda.  We decided to go for the veranda because we thought it might be nice if one of us had a place to go while the other one was sleeping.  What we discovered was, while sitting on the veranda at night was fun, we really didn’t spend all that much time on it.  Instead, we spent most of our time in the common areas.  Next time we go on a River Cruise, we’ll go for the cheap rooms on the bottom floor with no opening window.

There’s a single hallway through the middle of the ship.  Rooms on both sides have windows, french balcony, or a veranda.

A common area.  I liked to sit on a couch and watch the river flow by. Not that this happened much. Normally we traveled at night, and excursioned by day.

There’s coffee available 24/7.

At the buffet, eating outside.

On the sun / sports deck.

The pilot house, which could be raised or lowered, depending on the height of upcoming bridges. From what I understand, there are bridges in Eastern Europe which require dropping the pilot house so that the roof is flush with the deck.

Back to our room.

The ship’s store. I ended up buying a polo shirt.

The door to the restaurant, if you wanted waiter service.  No assigned seats; just look for an empty table or a table with two seats.

Leaving the ship.

After touring the ship, it’s time to rest.

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