Our first excursion was into the medieval of Strasbourg. We were docked on the German side of the Rhine, but went over a bridge to France. The only indication that we crossed a national border was a very small sign and a large sign indicating that the default speed limits had changed. There was less signage than when we cross from Florida into Georgia.

As is usual with the VR pictures, just click play to pan around the scene.

A giant coocoo-clock

Lord of the Rings, in French.

On a second excursion, we went to a fourteenth generation winery.  The roads were very narrow as we went in a bus.  Several times we had to play chicken with the local traffic.


After the tasting, we ended up buying some wine.


A picture of the ship’s restaurant.  (It was closed yesterday when I took pictures throughout the ship.)

I stayed up late that evening to watch the ship go through some locks.

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