After waking up in our very nice hotel room in Lucerne, and after breakfast, we took our all day Swiss excursion. It started with a ferry boat leaving from downtown Lucerne on Lake Lucerne.

After a couple of stops, we got off the boat, and got on a cog train climbing to the top of Mount Pilatus, named after Pontius Pilate.  As we slowly climbed the mountain, we passed many sturdy Swiss citizens taking the trail.  The train was built for a forty five degree incline.

At the summit, there was a restaurant and a hotel.  We had a quick lunch at the summit, then looked down at the clouds.

We took a small gondola down the first half of the other side of the mountain, then a bigger gondola the rest of the way.  Then we took a bus to a dairy farm

After the farm, we went to a cheese factory, where we all made some cheese.  Unfortunately, it has to sit for a month before we can bring it home, so we took some cheese made by an earlier tourist.  Then we had a fondue dinner at the cheese factory.

We took the bus back to the hotel and went to bed.  In the morning we went to the Zurich airport, flew to Frankfort, and then straight to Orlando.  And thus finished this year’s vacation.

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