We woke to find ourselves in Basel, tied up to a dock in a residential portion of the city.  But rather than being able to actually tour the city, we had our bags placed on a bus and we were driven to Lucern, the site of our post cruise extension.

Our guide was the husband of a chemical company executive, working in Switzerland.  We learned a lot of interesting things about Swiss politics and governmental structure, enough so that I probably would consider moving here.  (Except for that language thing and the cost of living in Switzerland.)

Once we got to the hotel, we checked in, and then came downstairs for a quick walking tour of the city.  The most moving part of the tour was hearing the story behind the Lion Monument.

Lucerne was on a lake, so the tour also went by the lake.

And of course, shopping.  We ended up buying chocolate (of course).  The registers at the store we went to would work in either Swiss Francs or in Euros, a sign of how big the store was.  I understand that smaller stores would only work with Swiss Francs.

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