Hey, I can pee in France!

I’ve noticed several changes with the latest edition of Pimsleur‘s French course.  First, the language is far less formal.  In the last edition, it seemed like every statement was fully formed.  But people don’t speak that way.  (At least, they don’t here in the United States.  Apparently they don’t do that in France any more, either.)  So there are shorter ways of saying things.  There are also other changes to the vocabulary.  But the course basically teaches the same things in this edition as the last.

At least until today’s lesson.  Today, a whole new concept (and word) was added to the course.  I had never run into it before in the earlier version of the course I attempted, and I had gone to at least lesson nine before petering out.  The word?  Toilettes.  Yes, Pimsleur has figured out that people learn foreign languages so they can find the bathroom.

Well done.


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