St. Tropez

After another breakfast of muscili, I went to the Star Theater to join my morning excursion, the St. Tropez Coastal Hike. Lisa and my mother have decided they weren’t interested in a four hour hike, so they stayed on the ship.

We hadn’t docked, so this was my first tender ride from the ship.

Then we started hiking. Up the hill to the citadel, down the hill to the beach, up and down again.




A portion of the docks are maintained for the fishermen.  According to our guides, they’ve already returned from the ocean with that day’s catch.



And up a hill to a fortress.20180726_093418[1]


A view down to a cemetery.20180726_093450[1]


Looking back at a beach we walked through.  (Due to privacy concerns, I didn’t take any pictures of the sun bathers.)  To the right of the picture was the fortification we walked by earlier.20180726_095756[1]

Sometimes the trail was a bit narrower than others.


And we ended up at this beach, where we rested for about fifteen minutes. 20180726_103604

We basically followed the same trail back, except that we didn’t go up the hill to the fortress.  Then we walked a little through town, prior to returning to the ship.


Returned to the ship before one, grabbed a quick burger at the pool grill, and made the tender for the Port Grimaud and & St. Tropez excursion.

We ended up with the same guide as yesterday, Veronica. We got on a bus, and headed for Grimaud. It’s primarily a housing development for higher income individuals, based on Venice.

While the church windows were interesting, the rest wasn’t all that interesting.



Rather than continuing to wander around aimlessly, we stopped at a restaurant and I had wine and a crepe.


When we returned to St. Tropez, there wasn’t that much time to tour the city before the last tender. So we just went back to the ship.

If I had to do it again, instead of taking the included excursion, I would have wandered St. Tropez on my own. There was an artist fair that would have been great to wander through for an extended period of time.

In the evening, I went to the Broadway review. They concluded the show with Les Mis, but did forty musicals in five minutes before that. This is from earlier in the show.

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