WTime for the obligatory wine tasting excursion.

Our excursion left early, driving straight to the vineyard. Once there, we had four different wines: a white, a rose that looked more peach, and two reds. One a couple years old, and the other one a decade. There was far less tannin in the older wine, and I enjoyed it much more.

We bought two bottles of wine. We’re going to have fun fitting them into our luggage.


Then we drove away from the grapes, too a medieval village on top of a hill. It was sad as we drove away from the grapes just waiting to be turned into wine.


The medieval village was a lived in town, while also being a tourist destination for the French.


There was a small local church, with a tiny keyboard.


We returned to the ship and had a leisurely afternoon.

That evening was a lunar eclipse. We went to the Sun Deck where there was an astronomer brought onto the ship to explain what was going on. While up there, I saw Jupiter, Venus, and Mars and the Moon, pictured below. The redness of the moon was the result of the eclipse.


After that, we went downstairs, had a drink, and went to bed.

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